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Who is a Big Mouth Reader?

1. a child who is engaged in a book and has lost control of their lower jaw; either lost in thought during the process of using their imagination; or while laughing from their belly with pure enjoyment. 

2. an adult who is reading aloud to a young reader and is acting out all of the characters in the book; adult must emphasize different voices, physically act out scenes and have the young audience fully engaged and responding to rhetorical questions.

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What is Big mouth readers?

Marjoriet Gueche created Big Mouth Readers to help bridge the gap between young readers and their parents. As an avid reader herself, she loves to discover new books for her own children to enjoy, too. Together, they read aloud and bond over fun illustrations and new characters.


Big Mouth Readers should be used as a resource for both you and your child. We invite you to scroll through the pages, ask questions, leave comments, order books and share your literary adventures with others. We encourage you to add recommendations, tips, tricks and reviews so everyone visiting can benefit from your success or trial and errors. Let's be real, not all kids enjoy reading AND not all parents have the time to figure out ways to keep kids off devices. 

As we discover new books, we'll share them with you here and on Instagram. We also offer a number of services to help you and your young readers. 


Click around - Be nosy! We want you to be just as curious as Alice was in Wonderland! 

For parents who don't know where to start, ask your kid! Ask them what they enjoy, who are their favorite characters, what are their favorite topics? From there, head over to the Wish List Form and we'll send you a personalized list of books that you both will enjoy

As always, we're here to help

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