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Princess Cupcake Jones is my kinda gal – Book Alert

Who is Princess Cupcake Jones:

Cupcake Jones is a modern day princess, who like many girls, loves her tutu and playing with her toys! Follow Princess Cupcake Jones in her first book, Princess Cupcake Jones and the Missing Tutu. In this adventure, when her beloved tutu goes missing, Cupcake learns the importance of tidying up and putting things in their proper place. In her second book, Princess Cupcake Jones Won’t Go To School, Princess Cupcake Jones must face her fear of the first day of school. Both stories deal with valuable lessons that parents will appreciate, all in a gentle, rhyming cadence that children will enjoy!

About the Author:

Ylleya Fields has three daughters and a son. While looking for books to read to her eldest daughter (when she was 2), Ylleya was struck by the limited number of titles featuring African American characters. Blending both of her daughter’s images and personalities together, Cupcake Jones was created.

Born in South America, Ylleya currently resides with her family in Cleveland, Ohio. She enjoys writing and is currently working on new Princess Cupcake Jones stories.

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