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Wonka Bars and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Worksheets

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Download PDF • 10.96MB

We had a blast reading "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" these past two weeks. My 10 year old read aloud as my 8 year old and I listened in and attempted to sing along with every Oompa Loompa song. We had great discussions that were relevant to the children's behavior, observations about the comparison in times and interesting enough, both boys compared the book to both movies and had very different opinions on which was better. We all agreed that the original 1971 adaptation starring Gene Wilder was an excellent interpretation of the book. That's so hard to find, when a good book translates into a good movie!

Regardless of which movie was better, we are set to watch both again tonight with a side-by-side chart to log the differences while we snack on a few custom wrapped chocolate bars I made as a surprise.

As we read, I printed the worksheets that helped review each chapter and encourage our conversations. I purchased it from a teacher site and bought the additional license to share with all of you.

Now to continue the journey with "Charlie and the Glass Elevator."

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